Get Involved in 

Community & Discipleship 

Table Groups

Table Groups are once a month gatherings happening in homes across the valley. These are great spaces to invite those in and outside of the church. These are multi-generational and diverse gatherings where we get to know one-another by sharing a meal, a time of prayer, and having a good time.

Discipleship Group

Discipleship Groups are 3-6 people of the same gender committing to 9-12 months of intentional spiritual formation together with an emphasis on theology, culture, character, and mission. We also have periodic men's, women's, young adult, and youth gatherings.

Care Groups

Care Groups are need-based groups that are designed for those. walking through grief, specific struggles, or other hardships. There are meant to be spaces where you can be honest and find hope in Christ and community. Reach out to let us know how we can connect you.

Common Good

Connect with our ministry partners to serve the needs of those in our community. There are several ways to connect such as working a clothing store, food pantry, delivering firewood, serving as a mechanic, taking calls in a call center and much more.

Prayer Team

On a weekly basis, we entrust a group of people to pray for the needs of our church and city via email. The prayer team also facilities prayer for individuals on Sundays during service.