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Community & Discipleship 


Mosaic Groups

Mosaic Groups are gatherings that take place in homes throughout the month. They are simple in format and a great way to get to know people within the church. In these groups, we share a meal, have a short devotion, and a time of prayer.


Join a Discipleship Group

Discipleship Groups are 3-6 people of the same gender committing to 9-12 months of intentional spiritual formation together with an emphasis on theology, culture, character, and mission. 


Prayer Team

Every Tuesday, from 7-8pm we gather to spend time in prayer as a church family. We start and end promptly on the hour, and our time is devoted to thanksgiving, intercession, and worship.  


Common Good

Connect with our ministry partners to serve the needs of those in our community. There are several ways to connect such as working a clothing store, food pantry, delivering firewood, serving as a mechanic, taking calls in a call center and much more.

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